VERTTIGO is a Latin band based in New Jersey and led by EMMY Award winning producer, Victor Arturo Barrientos also known as Vic Barri.  


VERTTIGO is a father and son duo with a unique fusion of musical elements from multiple genres and generations. Vic Barri’s experience and established success in the music industry and his son Paul’s youthful R&B and hip hop focused influence make the perfect combination. It can be said that it has taken Vic Barri his whole career to develop VERTTIGO and, with Paul next to him in the studio, it could not have happened at a better time.


Victor Arturo is a well-known and respected producer musician/composer within the US, who created his own Music Production business and has been helping companies like Goya Foods, Univision, HBO Latino, SBS Entertainment, Telemundo, The US Navy among others.  Being well versed in the art of Latino music also brought Barrientos to combine his gifts with major stars such as Shakira, Pablo Alboran, Natalia Jimenez, India and Luis Fonsi. His most recent performance was alongside Mexican rock star Alejandra Guzman, at New York’s Madison Square Garden. 


Growing up listening to the strong influence of 90’s pop rock, Barrientos’ son, Paul was inspired to branch over into the R&B and Hip Hop/Rap industry. With a strength for free styling, Paul Barrientos has

met success performing in local New York and Jersey clubs. Recently, he performed for Paterson’s own Hip Hop star, Fetty Wap.

That old adage, “Like father, like son,” holds true for the Barrientos; the musical pair joining together for their revolutionary Latino Pop band.  Paul stands as the fresh image of Verttigo, bringing elements of his unique, edgy vibe whilst Vic delivers countless years of experience with power pop songs and production.


The band’s album, Nunca’s Too Late, will be released in September 2016.  Their first single, a Latin Pop-Bachata cover of Adele’s “Hello,” has already won an Akademia Award for Best Song of April 2016. For those who want something new, VERTTIGO is exactly what they need to hear.